Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sibling Love

The past few days we have had a problem with Lil Beau and his lack of interest in drinking his bottle. Being that his bottle is his main source of food this was a big problem of course. We tried everything from clearing out his stuffy nose first, turning everything off in the room so he wasn't distracted, sitting him up, laying him down, you get it. Well nothing was working. So we decided that he should take a trip and see a doctor. Daddy took him for me as I working on getting my homework done, wondering how I have not yet finished college. I should be a freaken doctor by now, but anyways...

He looks perfectly happy and healthy right? Well because he is! Thank God he is, but this has left us wondering what in the world is going on?! This morning I got up and started the whole process again fighting him to drink. Miss Princess comes strolling over and says Mom here let me do it. I figured why not? The little booger sat there and stared at her and drank without a problem. So I tell her thanks Princess I'll finish. She goes off to color and he starts screaming the minute she is out of his sight. Yea....I wish I was over-exaggerating. I appreciate a good strong sibling relationship, but this is just ridiculous. She can't spend the next six months of her life watching Lil Beau eat! Oh boy...

Beyond that I am thinking of adding a few new things to my little blogging world, assuming I can figure out how to do it. Such as a travel section, posting some pictures and information about the places we have been fortunate enought to visit while being stationed here. Next month James is going on a "man-trip" to Dublin and we will be visiting London, so keep a look out for that. :)


  1. Oh jeez. Better than her locking him in the CLOSET! But since she is a mini me, you won't have to worry about that. Since I'm the nice one. :D
    But you'll get plenty of sass for pay back! :P

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  3. Could be worse tho...they could not get along at all. They are so cute and you can TOTALLY tell he loves his sister :P

  4. That is so cute... It probably was cute to you at first too. Well I hope things get better for you,and you will be able to feed him without him getting so upset. You can diffently tell they love each other:-)

    Happy Feeding

    Visiting from MBC!!!

  5. Courtney I am the nice one. Thank you very much! But yes Kyla is you all over again. It's crazy.
    He is still being difficult with the bottles...can't figure it out.