Saturday, September 12, 2009

She said what?! Saturday

First day of school edition! Princess had her first day of pre-school yesterday. We started the day off right with the most important meal of the day:

Kix! Wooo hoooo I had big plans to get up early and make her a special breakfast to start her day, but obviously that didn't happen. It's okay she loves Kix...

Ready to go in!

There were a few different tables set up with activities. The kids put their backpacks away and then chose which table they would like to go to while waiting for the other kids to get there. The parents were then instructed to leave and off we went. I wish I would have had my camera when I picked her up, it was the cutest thing in the world. These teachers are amazing, they had a dozen 3-4 year olds sitting so patiently in their chairs, hands folded, backpacks at their feet waiting for mommys and daddys to pick them up. Now that's impressive! :) So of course I wanted to know how her day went, what she did, ect.
How was your first day of school?! Did you have fun?
Did you like your teachers?
Did you like your new friends?
What was your favorite part?
Eating blueberry and strawberry yogurt and playing outside
What else did you do?
That's all I have to tell youuuuu
What are your teachers names?
I'll tell you tonight...
And that was it. She wasn't much for sharing about her day. Unless all they did in there was eat snack and go outside...which I'm pretty sure was not the case. I did find out at dinner that the teachers have pink and purple playdoh and that she played in the princess castle. Good stuff. :)

Lil Beau missed Princess and was happy when she got home!
**he is not sitting up this well yet, I just happened to catch it before he ended up like this:

On a side note, my cousin Trevor and a team of 11 more are running the Ragnar Relay in Florida. It's a 191 mile run in two days. They are raising money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This foundation provides scholarships for the children of military members who lost their lives serving our country. If you would like to help them out please check out their donation site here. Our military families are often forgotten and this is a great way to show our appreciation to them. Nothing can replace this type of loss, but this organization gives them a way to a positive future.

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