Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For your viewing pleasure

Lil Beau has learned to stick his tongue out at everyone who looks at him and he thinks it is hilarious...

Princess singing the itsy bitsy spider with Lil Beau as backup.

Well I must say I am enjoying the whole blog thing a lot more than I thought I would. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the chance to say more than, "no please don't do that," "because I said so," and "leave your brother alone" for an entire day. Since that is about all you can get in with our adorable yet very chatty Princess girl. :) Of course she is also sweet as can be. For example the exclamation of "ohhh mommy you washed my princess jammies!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!" while I folded the laundry today. While it was a much appreciated praise it made me realize that I should probably get the laundry done more often. I also learned the importance of having a fully charged camera around, so I am able to capture Lil Beau's antics as he grows so quickly. He is quite expressive and was very upset today when Princess' balloon would not come via Jedi mind tricks and he let the world know how much he didn't appreciate it with much yelling towards said balloon. All in all a good day.


  1. Your children are SO DARN CUTE!! Come home so I can get to know all of you again.

  2. Ohh how I wish we could. We will be there in June for a month though and will be joining in the family reunion fun next year!