Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Pictures

Just some random pictures from today since it has been a very long time since I have sent new ones out. It has been very hot out the past few days so we have been stuck indoors for the most part, but now that lil' Beau is getting bigger Princess has a lot of fun making him laugh and trying to teach him how to roll over.
Princess and lil' Beau hanging out

Princess doing her "schoolwork" which she would do all day everyday if we let her. She can't wait to start the enrichment program in Sept.

Oh Boy!


The boys

Daddy and his kiddos.

I couldn't pass this one up. Their faces are priceless.


  1. Love it! I'm so proud of you! :) Now, where's that video of the girls dancing?!

  2. Thank you!! I have looked all through my pictures on my computer and on my camera and I can't find that video anywhere!! :(

  3. These pictures are precious! ya'll are a beautiful family. Can't wait till you are home again. Love ya' Angie