Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I love springtime for all the normal reasons, the flowers blooming, longer sunnier days, and this year especially with the progress my garden has made. The planting and pruning and general upkeep of our yard has been so much more enjoyable this year now that we have finally seen what our yard can produce. Last year we got so much snow and it was cold for so long none of our bushes looked like they do now. (I'm sure this is combined with the fact that I had NO idea what I was doing) Beyond that though we have some yearly visitors in our yard that have babies right where we can watch their growth, which the kids are LOVING this year. We have a birds nest in a tree off of our back porch that was built last year and make gigantic this year. The kids love to peek in and see how quickly these little guys are growing.

There is only two days in between these pictures. I thought my own kids were growing too fast. :)

Last year we knew we had some bunnies, but couldn't see them because the mama wisely had her babies in the middle of a ridiculous bush, that would be gone if I had my way, but thats besides the point. Unfortunately this year a mama had her babies in the middle of the yard using the slide as shelter. I have no idea how she managed or even chose this spot considering the dogs are outside the majority of the day, but sadly the dog found the nest before we did. Three managed to get saved and now we go outside with the pooch to keep her from getting at them, leaving her with nothing to do but pace around and paw at the door. 

From what I've read bunnies aren't like birds, and will come back and take care of the babies even if they have been touched by humans, but I put some sticks in a cross pattern over the top of the nest to make sure she comes back, so we can call someone to take them if she doesn't. The kids are begging to keep them, but the thought of parasites, lice, fleas and all the other lovely things they could be carrying around has made that a definite no.

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