Saturday, September 5, 2009

She said what?! Saturday

So I'm going to share a little secret with you. I read random people's blogs on a regular basis. I came across them by chance and got hooked and keep going back for more. I can't help it, its good stuff. Well several of them have theme days such as Meatless Mondays on Cheapskate Mom. So I thought about it and decided I wanted my very own theme day specific to my life. It didn't take long to for the light bulb to burn bright telling me that the most appropriate thing would be a she said what Saturday, dedicated to little Princess (and really all the children of the world) and the great perspective on life you get from them. So here are a few of my favorite quotes from my little lady this past week. For simplicity sake let's have Princess be green and I will be blue.
#1 ~ Time for bed, which of course means time for her to talk as much as she can before I finally just give up and close the door:
Mommy, you shouldn't sleep in your bed. You sleep in my bed and I will sleep in your bed.
Oh yea? Why is that?
Because there is a monster in your bed!
Uh oh! What does it look like so I can watch out for it!?
It looks like daddy....

#2 ~ I just picked her up from he Co-op and we are heading home for lunch

Mommy what surprise did you get me today at the shopping?!

We don't get surprises every day, okay Princess?

Oh okay, only on Thursdays??

#3 ~ last but certainly not least, at the gas station.

We have to stop at the gas station real quick before we go to the BX.


So we can put gas in the car.


Because the car can't run without gas in it.

Oh it can only walk?!

Hope it puts a smile on your face as much as it does mine and don't fret I won't leave you without a little picture love...

Can't quote him yet, but he loves to take pictures for you all!

First day back at gymnastics! She likes her new coach and loves her friends. Mommy loves gymnastics too because she gets to catch up with her friends while Princess has fun!

Got a little carried away with the Mr. Bubbles

Princess was sharing all her bears.

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