Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I will have my ribs and eat them too!

All this talk going on about the Rib Cook Off has given me a hankering for ribs. Not only that but also has bumped up my homesickness level quite a bit too, but that is a whole different story. For those of you who do not know the Rib Cook Off is an annual event in Sparks, Nevada full of music, fun, crafts and of course amazing RIBS!! Ohhh and the lemonade...I can't leave out the lemonade, it is liquid bliss. :) Google Rib Cook Off and it's the first thing to come up if you want to see more about it.
Anywho I needed ribs, so I made them in the oven. Obviously they were no competition ribs, but have I to say they turned out pretty well, especially for my first attempt!
Princess gave her approval by trying to out eat her daddy, we had to cut her off.
Another week another gymnastics class; on the way over to the youth center we get stopped for routine ID check. The usual hey how are you, have a good day is passed back and forth and I start to head on my way when the guard starts laughing hysterically for no reason, at least to me. So I look behind me to see if I missed something and this is what my little angel is doing to him:
It's good to know our guards have a great sense of humor!
He waits so patiently for his sister to finish. (And is sitting up quite well on his own too :))

Daddy is trying to brainwash him early...
We have a very BIG day in Princess-land this week. On Friday she will have her very first day of school!! You can expect a full report and pictures about how it went! Assuming she tells me how it went... :)