Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adventures in rice cereal and teething

Well Lil Beau has officially began his beyond the bottle eating. He loves the rice cereal. I'm talking shovel it in his mouth or else love. I'm talking huge smiles and arm flailing love. I'm sure you get it. What he does not love is that his teeth are plowing their way through is poor little gums without mercy. I can't for the life of me remember how Princess was with teething, but I don't remember all this. Hopefully it passes quickly because beet red is not a good color on him. His skin looks much better au' natural without the temper induced reddening.
In the life of lil' miss Princess, she started her first day at the co-op. I'm assuming she had fun playing with all her new friends, but I can't be sure as I got a "yup" when I asked if she had a good time. I thought one word answers didn't start until the teen years?! I will go ahead and chalk it up to the 8 am wake up, which yes I will admit is unusual for her. I have spent much time training for the post 9 am wake up and I'm not ashamed to admit it. :p Anywho Lil Beau and I took a trip to the gym which he quickly decided he wasn't a big fan of, but I did manage to get in a half hour run, score!
I've been trying to think of what is new in the life of James, but it's same ol' same ol'. Bringing home the bacon and being his amazing self.
A little picture shower for you all... Can't you see how he loves it so much....mmm mmm yummy goop peaceHe would have licked the bowl if he couldWhat do you mean all gone?!?!Princess' mini melt down Reading to her brotherThis is her "I'm really sick of you taking my picture can't you see I'm busy" face

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  1. That is awesome...the post 9am wake up!! You will have to give me that secret one day :)