Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garden Progress

All my poor little seedlings that were thriving one minute got dug up and stomped the next by a little puppy who just can't seem to help herself. All this dirt just is too tempting to pass up. Part of me understood the other part considered finding her a new home. (she's still here) With the 80 degree weather we have been having lately and the fact that all the big farms decided to start planting I figured I might as well cheat and get a few plants from the local greenhouse. They are doing extremely well. I have some romaine, a tomato plant and sweet peppers. I also re-planted spinach and kale. I then covered the entire garden with some netting designed to keep birds out - it seems to work on pups too. Yea!!! She tried to get in once and had quite a struggle getting out (no damage done) and has now left it alone. I still have some seedlings growing inside which I started hardening off, but am glad they aren't outside since we are supposed to hit freezing tonight :( Hopefully I can save the ones outside...

 I did find quite a few of these extremely long worms - we're talking over a foot - while I was digging up the dirt to plant. Hurray for good top soil!
My wonderful neighbor shared strawberry plants with us and as I didn't have enough room in the little garden I decided to give them their own little space! (Also covered with bird netting :))

Here's to hoping everything doesn't die tonight. The more I research into the foods being offered to us the more frightened I get. It's appalling, so much so that if it all dies I will just start again. On another note - I have finally persuaded my husband to start looking into keeping chickens! I am so excited and hope it all ends up working out. He wants to build his own chicken coop and everything ;)

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  1. I'm excited you have things growing. I've gotta get on that and start my indoor seedlings this week (hopefully this is the last of the weather we're getting). You might wanna consider keeping those earthworms and composting so you have some fertilizer for your plants, if you haven't already.

    Chickens!! That's exciting. I hope it works out for you!!