Monday, March 12, 2012


It's been an incredibly long time since I was able to blog and I have missed it a lot. I really wanted to wait to start again until I knew I could put the time into it that I used to. So many things have changed and we have been busy little bees, but we are finally settled into a new home and I have time again! Hurray!
Where to begin.... we moved back to the states and are in New Baden, IL. I am currently working from home and headed back to school to work on getting a dietician degree. I got certified as a personal trainer a few years ago and was working at Gold's until I broke my arm in June during a bike fund raiser. The kids are growing WAY too fast, as seems to be their way. James enjoys his new job much more than the last and gets to spend far more time at home which we all love.
Working on getting an organic garden started and always love input and help from those with experience as I jumped into it and am slightly lost!
Looking forward to returning to my haven of ramblings and sharing as I learn about life, kids, gardening, nutrition, exercise and life in general!

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