Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I would like to start off by saying that I know what incredible opportunities are given to us by where we are living. I also know that there are a bagagillion (yes that's a word! :)) people who would give anything to have the chance to even visit Italy and I do not want to sound ungrateful at all, but honestly every now and again there are some days that are really hard. I miss home/family/friends. I miss Target, I miss Mexican food, I miss being able to take your kids out to dinner at 5 so they can be home in time for bed, I miss businesses actually being open during posted open hours, I miss options, I miss the English language.
On the other hand, I love gelato, I love traveling, I love wine, I love the bell tower in the square ringing off every hour....I think sometimes I want to think of it all as one big vacation, but unfortunatley it's just not. Again I'm just venting. :)
Anywho enough of all that, we have been super busy. Princess is loving school so much. She talks about her teachers and her new friends all day. Also, she is big on sharing what she had for snack, which is always the most important thing apparently since it's the very first thing she tells me. Lil Beau is still having a hard time eating his bottles, but has had big improvements over the past few days and is finally getting over this bug he has had. Which may have been the whole problem in the first place. He has a doctors appointment coming up again though because I'm a paranoid kind of mom like that. The peds clinic loves me here....yea not so much. Oh well. Okay picture time!!

Miss Princess herself
Thanks Auntie Courtney for the awesome shirt!!

Play time!

Working on his music skills


  1. Awww. *hugs* There's no shame in being homesick sometimes. It doesn't make you any less greatful for your opportunities.

  2. I bet it is hard on you! I can't imagine being away from everything I know for long. I think you are very brave. I couldn't give up my Mexican food either. It's my favorite!

  3. Thank you ladies!! It was a rough day yesterday, so I was really scared of negitive feedback!
    Ohhh it's my favorite as well, I love my family, but Mexican food and Target are at the top of the list some days! :)